New Christmas EP!

By Flight Behavior 

Songs of Christmas: To Warm the Dark Nights

Medicine Music for an Aching World…

A stark, starlit night.
Evergreen boughs painting the sky.
The sound of raven wings.

In the windswept reaches, that is where you will find Ariana Saraha & Fernando Medina, aka FLIGHT BEHAVIOR.

Flight Behavior incants the songs and paints the rhythms of the unheard earth and the forgotten ancients. Weaving spells from the very fibers of life ~ starlight, storm and stone ~ these two have mended their own broken hearts and tend the healing of souls.

Download and listen to their MUSIC, find them ON TOUR, and stay connected!

 “Their music will awaken something primal and ancient, instilling you with a sense of long-forgotten majesty.” 

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Join the Adventure…

Flight Behavior’s First Studio Release:

Available everywhere music is found ♪

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