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Ariana created this album make the good medicine of singing accessible to everybody. Anyone can sing along to this full album of luscious vocal practices regardless of experience or expertise. Includes exercises and instrumentation from Indian Classical singing, as well as a call & response improvisation, full instruction booklet, and a previously unreleased song (“How can I keep from Singing”). The album download includes an 8-page PDF instruction booklet for those who wish to learn the practices with precision, and because the album itself is purely musical (no spoken instruction), it also makes for beautiful background music for yoga, meditation, or massage.

“Ariana is a gifted musician and skilled teacher in her field. These warmups (and other techniques she has taught to me) are essential for the aspiring singer!” — Mark H., Boulder, CO

“I am LOVING your CD!!! I really feel these practices are not just for our vocal muscles but also they create a pathway for the soul to express itself effortlessly through the voice.” — Shanti M., Boulder, CO

“I love to sing, but have no “training”, so it is nice to have the guidance of your cd. What a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing!”

℗ © All tracks copyright Ariana Saraha, except #9 – traditional.

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