Beauty is Essential

Beauty is essential. In nature, it bespeaks a healthy and vibrant ecosystem. As a human, it calms, enlivens, and inspires my soul, all the while reminding me simply that this. is. home.

I feel very fortunate to be able to take myself to places that remind me of the grandeur of this planet, the miracle of beauty that arises from the soil, from cataclysm and eruption, from uncountable years of erosion and evolution…

It is so much greater than I could ever imagine.

Even as a creative human being, my art only reaches toward this natural perfection with longing. But even still, this is the very place from which my every song emerges ~ from the very wildness of a high mountain wildflower reaching upward to the thundering sky, backwards into eons of cosmic coincidence, and forward simply in the hope of a fresh drink of water and ample sunshine…

I am humbled and held by this gracious majesty, this collective memory of seed and soil and stardust…


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