Embodied Voice


As a child, all through primary school, I was provoked and teased for my emotions – somehow I hadn’t learned to suppress them like everyone else had, so they were still very alive, easily called to the surface…

So in order to protect myself, I eventually learned to suppress them, along with everything else wild (meaning natural) for many years…

But then I had a sneaking suspicion that some part of me was missing. I realized that I’d tried so hard to fit in that I’d lost myself, had no idea who I was…

So as a young adult, I took some deep dives into soul inquiry, shadow work, freeform dancing, dreamwork…

It was the body that relaxed first, and I eventually learned to let it lead, let its natural movements flow again. It wasn’t easy: “Will I look funny?” “What is this scary impulse moving me?” But with each quivering yet courageous baby step, the body showed me it was full of wisdom and beauty. I needn’t be afraid of its mysterious impulses that arose from…who knows where?

I never actually sought the voice. I thought I was on a path to be a dance artist. But song popped out unexpectedly one day when I was 22. Fully formed, fully embodied, it flew forth with lyrics and mythos attached.

This voice, born from the soil of my newly inhabited body. This voice, an expression of emotions long suppressed. This voice, perhaps the truest expression of my soul.

I’ve never been afraid of it ever since. Never been shy of its fullness (well okay, occasionally when jamming with master musicians). And I’ve never doubted the path of singing ~ for that is the power of embodiment.

Embodiment removes all doubt. Embodiment connects us with emotion. Embodiment brings us home.

Here’s wishing you all an embodied, full, fearless life.

Love, Ariana


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Ariana Saraha is a singer & musician based in the mountains of Colorado with a passion for pathos, primordial beauty, and the natural world. Whether writing, singing, or drumming, her mission is to invite us into the much wilder world beyond the trappings of civilization and the accepted meanderings of the mundane mind. She is working on a new album, From the Wild, and a book of musings to accompany it.


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