For Boulder…

{grief medicine}

Sometimes grief moves in silence, a dark undertow too deep to fathom. Sometimes it is moments of bright grace, and tears that heal. Sometimes it is a screaming howl. Sometimes it’s gratitude. Sometimes rage. Always raw, unwieldy, unexpected ~ a thing to allow, to care for, not to try to shape or even understand. For me, it often moves through song. This I offer as medicine in this time ~ for all those moving through the many waves that will surely continue to come…༄

Most of you will have heard about the tragic shooting in my hometown this week. While I am safely hundreds of miles away, I am no less heartbroken. My childhood grocery store, the place my family still shops daily. And a loss too close to home.

Below are a couple of links to donate to help the families affected by this tragedy. And as grief medicine, I offer a song,

For Boulder…

Please donate to the affected families: https://gofund.me/78acb2d7

Donate to the Stong family (close friends of my family): https://gofund.me/a536380d

You can also donate to the Boulder County Crisis Fund: https://www.commfound.org/grants/get-grant/crisis-fund


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Ariana Saraha is a singer & musician from the wilds of the West with a passion for primordial beauty and the more-than-human world. Whether writing, singing, or drumming, her mission is to invite us to remember our place beyond the trappings of civilization and the accepted meanderings of the mundane mind. She and her band have just released From the Wild, and are working on their next album while continuing to find wonder and inspiration even in the everyday.


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