For Boulder…

{grief medicine}

Sometimes grief moves in silence, a dark undertow too deep to fathom. Sometimes it is moments of bright grace, and tears that heal. Sometimes it is a screaming howl. Sometimes it’s gratitude. Sometimes rage. Always raw, unwieldy, unexpected ~ a thing to allow, to care for, not to try to shape or even understand. For me, it often moves through song. This I offer as medicine in this time ~ for all those moving through the many waves that will surely continue to come…༄

Most of you will have heard about the tragic shooting in my hometown this week. While I am safely hundreds of miles away, I am no less heartbroken. My childhood grocery store, the place my family still shops daily. And a loss too close to home.

Below are a couple of links to donate to help the families affected by this tragedy. And as grief medicine, I offer a song,

For Boulder…

Please donate to the affected families: https://gofund.me/78acb2d7

Donate to the Stong family (close friends of my family): https://gofund.me/a536380d

You can also donate to the Boulder County Crisis Fund: https://www.commfound.org/grants/get-grant/crisis-fund


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