On Naming

Herein are just a few friends from my walk today…and some words about naming, and knowing the world around us:

. . .

I love naming things – not so I can check them off a list or file them off in a box somewhere, nor commodify or capitalize off them – but because with a name, they become known to me – beloved friends, ever-evolving characters in my life.

For if I am truly of this planet, I want to know who is growing up all around me. Beyond just “plant,” “flower,” “tree,” these are fully embodied beings who I might at different times have closer or more distant relationships with. But once known, they always remain beloved friends.

By recognizing them, watching them cycle through the seasons, smelling and tasting many of them, and helping them re-seed at times, I actually feel these beings reach out to me as much as I am drawn to them… And in their company I am never alone…nor am I lonely.

As an aside, I’m going to go out on a limb and propose that one of the most ruinous things we humans have done to ourselves is to outsource and forget how to grow our own food, make our own medicines, craft our own clothing, and build our own dwellings.

We have become helpless babes, sucking at the teat of capitalism in order to get our needs met…but we don’t even know how to truly take care of ourselves.

Do you know the creatures you share your lands with?

Do you know the edible and medicinal plants in your back alleyways?

Do you know how to craft food, clothing, dwellings from scratch, with your hands?

If so, keep it up!

Inspire and teach others!

And may we remember that not everyone has such easy or welcoming access to the outdoors. Let’s keep advocating for a just and equitable world!

And thank you for loving in all the ways that you do… ?

?Ute & Cheyenne traditional lands


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