I was 22 when I had my first mystical experiences (or 3, it could be argued, but there was a big gap in between 😉). One came to me in a dream:

I dream I am in this small, black room, and I see no way out. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a cloaked woman appears. She beckons towards the wall…

…and then slips right through it!

Or through the •trick• wall ~ in fact there are two walls staggered, with a gap in-between (like overlapping curtains). I step out…

…and into the terrifyingly infinite void!

Black as night also, but endless, as I think most of us imagine space to be 🛸

Shadow Woman has already slipped away into the void, and stepping outside the box I am floating (flying?) in a place vaster than I ever imagined… Terrifying, yet……euphoric, ecstatic!

This, my friends, is my home. Truly, it is all of our home: the space of infinite potential…ever-becoming…and eventually dissolving back into…༄

“Into the silent thunder, into nothing…and all.” †

As we enter the “spooky season” and spiral towards solstice dark, may we remember that the smallness, the darkness we may feel pressing in is actually vast ~ the walls are illusory, and only disguise the fertile void of possibility, the womb of becoming…

But like a good mama, we must feed the mystery well while it grows in our belly ~ there is no rushing the birth of our selves into the new year.

So for now, we let our leaves fall, we tend the hearth of simple things, we listen to our dreams as we sleep…

We let ourselves be guided from within ~ whether by Shadow Woman or another guide all our own ~ we see where she, he, they want to lead us…

And even as the bottom drops away, we remember and revel in our vast nature ✧

As Thich Nhat Hanh (and many a wise one) has said, “the way out, is in…”

Let’s take a dive…

. .
. . .
† Lyric line and video audio from “Into the Void,” from my album, “Maiden of Midnight.”


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