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I’ve been a bit quiet over here, having a very personal connection with the earth and her creatures… I still don’t know if @voice.of.the.earth will become a bonafide organization, but its name definitely expresses my sentiment, both as a singer and an advocate… . . . …We are living in such precarious times, and even the longevity of the human species is currently in question (see recent UN climate scientist report). We are fighting to keep from continuing to lose species and biodiversity at an alarming rate, not to mention protecting basics like clean air and water, while too many anthrocentric-minded folks go on about jobs, the economy, growth, me and mine, borders, “progress,” and all the other myriad ways we distract ourselves from the deep grief of living not only disconnected, but on a planet we are raging war on every day. I say “we” in a larger sense of humanity ~ for I know many of us care wildly and are taking steps to protect and care for this place. I say “we” because I don’t feel separate or above it all ~ though I don’t agree with mindsets or practices, I •>feel<• my human family in all its folly… . . . …And still there are places where the pika squeak and thrive, where cold-loving evergreens reach toward the sky, where wild mountain waters run under stone through creases in alpine meadows… . . . …But even those pikas are threatened, so many of the trees have been lost to beetle-kill and other blight, and the waters are low, the snows shallow… . . . …so we must all make choices everyday: what we focus on, what we advocate for, what changes we can make, how we talk about the things that matter to us… . . . …And we know there is so much work to be done ~ not only to soften the blow of catastrophe, but to help galvanize hearts to remember that we are •>Part of This Land•< ~ that the more-than-human-world is our true home, and must be remembered, tended to, •>Lived For!<•… . . . …So I am curious: what ways have you found that actually awaken people’s hearts? Have you been able to turn people on, to help return them to a sense of their real and lived interconnectedness? How? Please teach me your methods!…
((Words & photo by Ariana. Originally posted on her Voice of the Earth instagram page))


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