What is this “Wild?!”

It’s true, I use that word a lot. But what do I mean? Do I mean wild and crazy, doing things recklessly, out of the ordinary, loud and rebelliously…? No, in fact, the “wild” that I speak of is actually very ordinary, the natural state of things. A deer is wild, but it is quiet, timid, watchful. A cougar is wild – and yes, powerful – but it is rather quiet as well, stealth and restrained, reserving its energy until it is time to attack. These aren’t a loud, rebellious, chaotic sort of wild. They are modest, mundane, everyday. This is a wildness that knows its place in the whole wild order of things. Remember, even a humble little bug is wild. So is dirt.

But in this modern age, it really does take a certain level of fearlessness and courage to step back into this natural way of being. At first it may even feel goofy, crazy, awkward, uncomfortable… It takes an unwinding, a recognition and release of conditionings – customs we’ve been taught are the “safe” and “sane” way to be. But have you noticed it’s not working? Much of humanity is crazier than ever. It’s time to let go… And yes, sometimes the gateway to that release is to howl, to dance with abandon, to make a radical shift in our lives. But sometimes it is as simple as sitting and listening to a stream, or watching bugs crawl up and down a tree. It can be as simple as learning the indigenous and useful herbs in your region, or learning how to track the weather patterns and noticing how they affect you. It can be as simple as listening to the subtle impulses of one’s own body – resting when it is tired, stretching when it is sore, letting the mind drift when it gets tense… For nature is always listening, always aware of every subtle movement and sound all around it. There are important keys we will miss if were not careful – look, a storm is coming, listen, a scurry of small feet over there… Perhaps we think these aren’t important anymore, having padded our lives with man-made walls and contrivances to entertain our every whim. But I will dare say we have lost touch with what makes us really happy inside – that part of ourselves that knows we are connected with something more than the only-human. No wonder we are so lonesome, always looking outside of ourselves for something, someone to fill the void left by our disconnect to the wider, wilder world.

So I entreat you, #getoutside! I don’t care what the weather is – it will make you feel more alive, even if it hurts a little bit. You may get wet, your nose may get cold, your skin chapped or your hair tangled. In fact, go get barefoot, put your feet on the bare earth and let them #getdirty! And find a friend out there – something other than human – a bug, a bush, a tree, a bird – say hi! Out loud!! Let them know you have not forgotten you are one of them! Just another one of them… ♡


As in the last newsletter, I’ve been steeped in juicy good reads and music ~ so I wanted to share a few more nuggets with you!

Diwan Saz – my current favorite band! Based in the region of Galilee, this group is a mix of Christians, Arabs and Jews from several countries including Israel, Turkey, and Iran out to create a dialogue through music that transcends and integrates faith and culture. “Harmony in the holy land” indeed! Check out their truly delicious youtube playlist, and visit their website to learn more about this wonderful, heartfelt, world-class band…

History of English Podcast. If you’re feeling super-geeky, love learning about history (and particularly if you have Indo-European roots), this podcast is for you! Kevin Stroud is a fabulous storyteller, and though these are ostensibly about the history of the language, he can’t help but include all sorts of intriguing stories weaving together many threads of the wonky trail the english language has taken in its genesis… Available for free through iTunes, or directly streamable on his website.

Meet the Green Man, The Original Eco-Warrior, by L. R. Heartsong. A lovely little read in Elephant Journal reminding us not just about eco-responsibility, but about living a life that recognizes how integrally and viscerally interconnected we are with nature, and the importance of re-wilding the soul…


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