Why #fromthewild?

Why #fromthewild? Why not #intothewild? Well because although I do go into the natural world for remembrance, the truth is that I am made of this stuff just as much as any sinewy creature, any legged or leggy growing thing, anything that grasps or gasps for air…

I am animal, I am born of earth. From this wild I come, and to her I will return in the end… (no one gets out alive).

The wild isn’t a place I even have to go “into” ~ for how far away ever is the trill of crickets, the twitter of birds, the hush of falling snow, the gentle warmth of the sun?

Whether in the city or out in nature, there is no escaping that I am from this #wild just as much as any slithering, crawling, romping, clomping, fleeing, winging-it creature out there. In my blood this wildness flows, and if I listen, songs will pour forth, riding on a pulse that compels me even in silence to dance.

There is a wilderness in my very veins. It seeps through all the fortresses we have built ~ there is no escape.


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