You are Loved

Dear ones ~ I just wanted to write a little personal note to let you know why I don’t plan to be touring this year… Ahh, don’t worry, we are working hard on music, and though the longing to share it is great, there are times when we artists must go inside our caves and rest, dream, listen, and rebirth… And for those of you who have followed my mad adventures, you know that I spent most of the past 7 years •>>on the road<<• in some form or another. I have loved coming out to meet so many communities of you, and the inspiration I’ve garnered from walking this wild earth has filled me to the brim! But now it is time to hunker down, dig my roots into the soil once again, grow a garden, write new music, and craft my forthcoming album…

For those of you in the Colorado region, I will be playing some select shows here (Sept 22 is the big one!!), and am honored as ever to get to be one of your own. I hope to see many of you around ~ on the trail, on a dancefloor, at shows, and even at the grocery store! You and this land are dear to me, and I will be so happily tending that 🙂

And for those of you further afar, may you be well, may many musics enchant and nourish you, and may you feel love and comfort from each other and with the earth…

So let us dance, let us play, and let us enjoy the many rhythms and cycles of our lives… You are so dear to me!


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