Artist’s Statement

From the Wild

Released 22 April, 2022

“This album touches a wild place, a raw and real and gritty and beauty-drenched place inside my heart.”

Painting landscapes with melody and rhythm, Ariana Saraha (vocals, percussion) and Fernando Medina (drums, percussion) have created a sonic world that pays homage to the more-than-human-world — the tumultuous undertow, raindrops hitting swaying trees, the predator-prey chase through the forest, the cacophonous calls and evening aeronautics of birds, the rising moon pulling our blood tides…

And in doing so, they entice the human heart to long once again to be a part of that world — a world forgotten but under our skin all along.

Their hope is this album will help call us back where we all come from — From the Wild.

Genres include Dark Folk, Pagan Folk, Alternative, Ethereal, and World (Middle Eastern & Celtic).

“Inventive, evocative, darkly atmospheric, tribal!”
“Like the voice of my ancestors calling.”

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