In Celebration of Cameron Powers

A Great Man Gone to the Wild Beyond…

He loved well…

Dear friends ~ I want to take a moment to honor a great man who recently left us, maestro Cameron Powers ✨

Indeed, we have lost one of the most creative, generous, loving, playful, openhearted, wild, fun, talented, supportive, inquisitive, and insightful gentlemen perhaps ever to walk the planet. We use words like “fearless,” “unapologetic,” and “wholehearted” now and again—Cameron lived under these banners every day. I have been honored to call him my primary musical mentor, and even more honored to call him my close friend for over two decades now.

Cameron, since you left for the great wild beyond on February 15th, I think of you every day—often with tears, but also with a buoyant heart—asking “How can I embody your spirit? How can I carry on your legacy?” Though gone, I feel your presence close, cheering me on with courage, a wild heart, and the spirit of adventure…

For Cameron lived adventurously, for sure—with a wide-open heart he gave himself more fully to life than perhaps anyone else I’ve ever known—whether singing and playing with the people on the bombed-out streets of Iraq, falling into sweaty revelry at Central American street fests, climbing for days to make friends in remote Andean villages, or simply loving people without a drop of restraint the whole world over. A dedicated linguist as well as musician, there was no border Cameron was afraid to cross with love, a song, and shared language. And when language fell short, the music and love were more than enough… (Yes, there are STORIES—pick up his autobiography and see!)

I feel very blessed for my many years’ friendship with this man—for not only did Cameron introduce me to Mideast and Mediterranean music (and invite me to sing in his virtuosic band as my first professional performance experience!), but even after we both left the band to pursue other musical interests (he to start Musical Ambassadors of Peace!🕊), our nomadic ways kept us connecting and crossing paths even when we were both out on the wings of adventure… And of course we stayed close in our beloved Boulder community which we always returned to 💓 Unfailingly, and joyfully, he has long been one of my best and closest friends.

Cameron has also been my most steadfast supporter almost my entire adult life, and I will daresay now I feel a little vulnerable, like a fledgling babe. Perhaps it’s always like this when a great mentor passes on? Though it could be argued I’ve been doing so all along, it feels like for the first time I have to fly alone and trust my own wisdom and instincts completely… Thank f*cking goodness I have so many years of good teachings and inspiration to draw upon!

But in this time I also simply miss getting to send him a goofy video chat at midnight (he was even more of a night owl than me!🦉), filling him in on our next adventure to come, or giving him a big squeeze in person… Not only was Cam a beloved mentor, but he was a true friend.

I miss you so much Cameron! But I’m so grateful for the many years I had with you—I have been one lucky duck 🥰🦆 You gave me wings to fly, and now you yourself are flying ever so free… 🦜

To the adventurous, openhearted spirit of Cameron that lives on—may we rise to the challenge you embodied: to celebrate life shamelessly, and to love Love LOVE relentlessly 🙌🏼🪕🕺💖💃🏻🎶🎊

. . .
📸 Photo 1, above: Cameron on Greek bouzouki in his younger years.

📸 Photo 2, above: With my beloved mentor and friend Cameron, and his dear partner/wife, Kristina Sophia, Circa 2001.

📸 Photo 3, above: Cameron cheering me on (relentlessly, always) after my album release concert, 2015.

📸 Photo 4, above: Cameron (on oud, right, as our “fretless leader” 😂) with Sherefe & the Habibis, the supergroup he formed (and invited me to sing with!)

📸 Photo 5, above: Which one doesn’t fit? (JK, with that big heart, Cameron fit EVERYWHERE, even with banana, even if he didn’t put on the goth makeup to do so 😂)

📸 Photo 6, above: I always called Cameron a “Rock. Star. Extraordinaire 🙌🏼,” and he didn’t disappoint. Here he is playing with either Lil Sum’n Sum’n or Lunar Fire (he often performed with both, long into the night, well into his years…). Shine on you blazing superstar! 🌟

📸 Photo 7, below: Cameron with his Habibis, including Kathleen McClellan (aka Zahara, on drum), who hopefully Cameron is now playing music and dancing with in the wild beyond…


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