With Ariana & Fernando

Skope Magazine did a fantastic feature on us – we really enjoyed answering their very thoughtful questions. If you’d like to learn more about our new album and our artistic process, hear some of the goofery behind the scenes, and learn what really inspires us, please give it a read!

““From The Wild” is a stunning album, which feels like something coming to us from another moment in time. There is an ancestral quality to the music, which makes it incredibly deep and inspiring. What does it feel like to be a stalwart for this timeless sound in a world that’s so frantic and fast-paced?”



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Ariana Saraha is a singer & musician from the wilds of the West with a passion for primordial beauty and the more-than-human world. Whether writing, singing, or drumming, her mission is to invite us to remember our place beyond the trappings of civilization and the accepted meanderings of the mundane mind. She and her band have just released From the Wild, and are working on their next album while continuing to find wonder and inspiration even in the everyday.


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