A Spell of Protection


May my curiosity-about and absorption-in…

…being in a body, tending the land, birds, poetry and music, good food, sharing meals, good friends, the natural world, inspiring art, sunshine, rain, coyotes howling, the sound of trickling water, buds on trees, kitties, good stories, deep rest and good sleep, planting seeds, nurturing flowers, making beauty beauty beauty, peace in mind and body, farmers, craftspeople and artisans, dancing, singing, drumming, laughing, stretching, staying strong, making poetry, writing stories, studying the plants, birds, herbs, seasons and ecosystems, befriending fire, playing with water, kneading earth, fresh air, mountains, trees, all the beautiful smells, making medicine, gathering herbs, learning birdsong, writing songs, sharing songs, discovering melodies, crafting lyrics, making friends, sharing stories, making home, the open road, good books and podcasts, desert vistas, wetlands…

May my curiosity-about and absorption-in all these and more capture me so completely so as to protect me from the pseudo-urgencies and too-many distractions of the modern world that would lay waste to a life of health, creativity, and soul.

May my curiosity be endless, may I be boundlessly absorbed with wonder.

Written in the southern New Mexico desert


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