While our hungry ghosts
And the machine they created
Devour all that is beautiful
Strange and wild

I would like to see Beauty herself
begin to do the devouring

Eating all that is ugly
All that is festering
Let the walls be overtaken
with vines, flowers,
butterflies, fruits
“Oceans tumble the ramparts down”*
I’d love to see sunshine
shrivel the small, mean thoughts
A golden smile bestowed
And ears open to birdsong
Fields of mustard blooms
wave and sing of bumblebees
A kiss of spring
inspires remembrance
Even the hush of snow
stuns the soul into waking
to the wonder
Luminous, dark beauty
She shines
And the world dances
Praises and touches her
With care
With grief
With h o m e c o m i n g

*Lyric from “The Last Days

Written in the southern New Mexico desert


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