Maiden of Midnight – CD

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Recorded over three years along the gypsy trail, Saraha’s debut studio album weaves musical tradition and modern mysticism…

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With influences spanning Celtic and Eastern Europe, Spain, the Middle East, and India, Ariana Saraha’s debut album, "Maiden of Midnight," is a journey along ancient and new trails. Co-produced with Dream-Pop songstress Tina Malia and Mideast-music guru Jesse Manno, this debut studio release is a well-crafted musical journey that invites the listener to a place beyond borders where musicians meet in celebration and song. Through it all, Ariana’s achingly beautiful and versatile voice reveals a heart that loves this world so poignantly that even through a stormy night she would hold up a light to reveal the beauty hidden under the cover of darkness.


Released 22 March 2015 | Includes lyric booklet


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