Stalking the Authentic Soul : An Authentic Movement Intensive

Weavers, edge-seekers, mystics and wild ones; this invitation is for you! In the relentless outward-pull of our everyday lives, how often do we get to earnestly dance in the mystic-wilds within?  In this weekend workshop, we’ll be introduced to the form of Authentic Movement, and its incomparable ability to draw us in deep, reveal subtle layers of soul, and unveil our innate intelligent healing and grace…

Generally taught as a series, or a weekend intensive, Authentic Movement is a unique form that is practiced in silence, with the eyes closed, in the presence of a witness. It is often described as a process of listening for the “inner mover,” and then moving from the impulse that inquiry engenders. A “moving meditation” of sorts, Authentic Movement is a personal journey toward discovering, listening-to, and perhaps beginning to live from the Authentic Soul.

Shadowdancers is a weekend Authentic Movement intensive, or alternatively can be taught as an ongoing weekly series. Participants move at the pace that is true to them, and share to the extent they feel comfortable.

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