Accolades for From the Wild

“Epic and dramatic. WOW! All of the songs I’ve heard are so well done – super artistic, intelligent, emotional… Awesome work! The world needs talent like this. This is serious music created by people who are the real deal.”

— Eugene Foley, Foley Entertainment

“Elements here remind me of Diamanda Galas crossed with Lisa Gerrard / Dead Can Dance crossed with Sheila Chandra and Pink Floyd. This is great stuff. If you’re into earthy soundscapes that sharpen the mind and hone the imagination, and do not overload you with pretentious sugary shit, then I recommend this as an addition to your cd shelf!”

— Claudia Black, Reflections of Darkness Magazine, London

“It’s a beautiful musical concept and an amazing auditory journey… almost no separation from one song to the next because conceptually it’s like Bach. Seamless, like Pink Floyd.”

— Billy Freedom, Composer, Producer & A&R Director
The Record Label, London

Fan Reviews:

“Inventive, evocative, darkly atmospheric, tribal!” — Steve B., COLORADO, USA

“Shivers!!!! This album touches a wild place, a raw and real and gritty and beauty-drenched place inside my heart. SO danceable! I’m so excited to listen to this album on repeat for days…”
— Meagan C., NEW MEXICO, USA

“I’ve had the pleasure to review and be smitten by this album. Amazing vocals, mesmerizing percussion, such talent and inspiration, so admirable and powerful, how do they do it??? These artists are so so good for the planet at a time when it’s so gravely needed!”
— Tchanan, OREGON, USA

“It’s a great Celtic Metal meets World Music vibe with some Tori [Amos] on top! You have a beautiful synergy together!


“What a gorgeous album! I’ve been in love with Ariana’s voice for years. So sweet and haunting. Like the voice of my ancestors calling… Flight Behavior’s seductive rhythms just take me away and make me move. You must listen to this brilliant album!!!” — Erin-Sunniva M., COLORADO, USA

From the Wild is a wonderful collection full of tribal layers, bold ancient vocals, and thundering toms. I love unusual eclectic music and am also a student of traps so the Ariana & Fernando’s collaboration caught my attention early, roughly seven years ago, live. The show really brought mystic joy to the room. I got hooked.


This album is chock full of perfect textures of sound — of man and nature, footsteps, chants, birds, babbling brooks, ocean, wind, crickets — woven into parts created with frame drum, claves, brushes, bells, toca, xylophone, kalimba, and one ancient horn (The Last Days) that I can’t identify, but totally adore. All of the outros are special so each song ends by sending you off with a gentle push downriver to the next.


My favorites: Cry to the Moon; From the Wild; Beneath the Waves (this piece moves with deep underwater currents; melody is very cool); Shelter of the Wood; The Last Days; Secret Path.



Live Concert Reviews

“Hypnotic and eastern, the visuals in my head are of vast swaths of hot sand and tall, tall green trees! The drums were expressively textured and reminded me of the inventiveness of early PINK FLOYD (Live In Pompei). And the vocals weaved through the air and at times also hung there like leaves on a breeze. The track ‘Grandmothers Tears’ is a case in point. PINK FLOYD crossed with DIAMANDA GALAS and LISA GERRARD…”


— Claudia Black
Reflections of Darkness Music Magazine, London

Accolades for Maiden of Midnight

“In some dimension, Rumi and Hafiz are reading your lyrics and smiling.” — R.S., COLORADO, USA

“This evening is the first time I have listened to Ariana Saraha’s “Maiden of Midnight,” and I am utterly unprepared for her wild, mystical soul and music that transports me to faraway realms and ages. Frankly, I am blown away. I feel as if I have stumbled unknowingly upon a gypsy caravan and stepped into the circle of dancing firelight and music. It seems the perfect soundtrack for a foggy, coastal night at the edge of the continent, here at the threshold of earth, sea and sky.


“At times there is a Sarah Brightman quality to Saraha’s soprano voice, though the music is less symphonic and more Old World — which is actually part of its allure. Less sleekly produced, more authentic. Most of the songs are at least 6-minutes long, well over the typical 3-minute pop composition. Indeed, there is nothing commercial here or geared to court a mainstream audience. In the very best way, “Maiden of Midnight” strikes me as unapologetic — true to the essence of Ariana’s wild, gypsy soul.”


L.R. Heartsong, Author (from the article, “The Wild Soul Songstress”)

“WOW, [Maiden of Midnight] is an absolutely amazing album. So much more versatility than anything like it I’ve heard. I listen to Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Clannad, etc. and often after about three or four songs I’m feeling like it all sounds the same. NOT the case with this wonderful album. Not only does it weave a delightful mix of musicians together throughout, but Saraha’s voice also shifts and changes like a chameleon angel. This album has surpassed my greatest expectations and I’m delighted to have this music to add to my collection.”  Benjamin Buren, Photographer

“Ariana’s voice is a soaring, beautiful thing. Wrapped around expertly-played instruments of the Middle East, Persia, and India, her song very much takes flight. You follow it like a bird into the blue or a diver into the depths. Where Dead Can Dance brought us into the Labyrinth, Ariana Saraha offers to meet us in the Silence.”  Dan Fairchild, Concert Producer

“Your album is a real work of art. BRAVO!!! Totally worth the wait. Your album will remain in my music mix – these songs are for repeated listening.” — K.B., COLORADO, USA

“Her music reminds me of that of Loreena Mckennitt, in terms of creating a fantasy world and telling a powerful story through song.” — K.K., COLORADO, USA

“Ariana’s music is like a cabinet of exotic spices, playing a disc of hers is like entering a kitchen in a far off land, and being surrounded by rich exotic sounds that roll over you in waves of voice and music.” — C.T., COLORADO, USA

“Soul Stirring, beautiful music, some haunting.” — A., CALIFORNIA, USA

“I really appreciate the depth of your genius. Thank you for this masterpiece!” — F.L., CALIFORNIA, USA

“I cannot stop listening to it.” — V.H., LONDON, UK

Accolades for Live at Immersive Studios

“This is a fine recording of a wonderful event. The music took me to a peaceful place in my heart. Reminding me of the most wild and rugged places I have been in nature.”  — TIERRO, producer/composer/musician

“Ariana’s music is superficially similar to that of the more well-known Canadian songstress Loreena Mckennitt. Unlike Loreena Mckennitt, where instruments often take centre stage, Ariana has chosen to use her musical accompaniment more for fill and background to her open and bell-like vocal intonations. The melody is carried by Ariana’s sweet and clear voice.


Recorded in front of what sounds like a small audience her performance here is particularly intimate, spiritual and uplifting.” — A listener, Perth, Australia

 “Smoldering, a “Slow Burn” traverses through smoky vocals and breathtaking music influenced by Middle Eastern, Celtic, and Classical Indian music. This is the diaphanous veil wherein Ariana Saraha (Tribal Electra, Angels of Alchemy, performing vocals, darbuka, cajon, & guitar) escorts the listener on her new album, Live at Immersive Studios. Joined in the serene endeavor by the incomparable multi-instrumentalist and singer Beth Quist (Cirque du Soleil, Bobby McFerrin’s “Voicestra,” Sherefe) performing on guitar, hammered dulcimer, keys and harmony vocals; Scott Bears (Khamsa Khala) playing stellar oud; David Alderdice (Feast, Deva Dancing, Sticky Mulligan) storming on drums and percussion; and Meagan Chandler providing guest vocals for “Shadowdances.” Dancing at concerts ranges from meditative to ecstatic, swaying through yoga poses or furious twirling; guided reverie “. . . all the way home.”Aural art at it’s finest; she elegantly projects an aura of peace, joy, and well-being. Ariana’s voice wafts heavenly, brilliant and subtle, power calm with poignant ethereal clarity.” — Guy Errickson for Colorado Music Buzz


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